I- Impuls  is a company that deals with energy efficiency technologies since 2007 as an authorized distributor of Somar International Company from UK for Macedonia and Kosovo. Through direct B2B model presentation and promotion of Powerboss Integra products  acquired knowledge and experience in the state of wasting and inefficient use of energy   in Macedonia industry as well as the potential energy saving measures in a variety of technologies such as reducing active power motor drives, reduction and compensation of reactive energy, reducing peak demand and lighting.

Experience has shown that one of the simplest energy efficiency measures that also has the shortest return on investment is the lighting – something that most companies often overlooked. Through the product Powerboss ELUMA Somar International, we offer the best solution for high bay industry lighting and other tall buildings which is widespread in industries in the region.

Limited portfolio of industrial T5 solution Powerboss ELUMA was extended by complete industrialT5 solution of our new partner Ecolight by low bay, middle bay and high bay portfolio of ELUMA, SAULA and LUMINA products.

To complete our portfolio and utilizing state of the art technologies, we have increased our product portfolio with invovative LED products from proven LED producers – Sheenly.

Sheenly Lighting Co. Ltd is a LED lighting company dedicated on research and development of sustainable solid state lighting products & solutions.

Under the pressure of global warming and continuous environmental degradation, the world’s need for energy efficient lighting products has become unprecedented. At Sheenly, we believe LED technology has the power not only to shine, but to reshape the world that we live in today.

 Sheenly has succesfully cooperated with Bayer, IKEA, H&M, American Development Group, etc. In response, Sheenly is pleased to take up the challenge to design and provide innovative lighting solutions that are Energy-efficient, Eco-friendly, Economic and at the same time, Stylish. All our products are CE, RoHS compliant and targeting to be UL, and PSE certified. With a team of experts specializing in structure, heat management, and optic design, Sheenly looks forward to delivering the best quality products and solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s expectation.

 By adopting continuous improvement programs (CIP), Sheenly will continue to grow and advance LED technology, boost LED performance level and design products that are suitable for a wide varieties of lighting applications. Having total commitment to quality and service, we are dedicated to build and maintain long term partnerships with each of our customers, and therefore make contributions to the environment by lighting up a new world

Our Product range include: Led t8 tube, led panel light, led modules, led down light, led wide beam down light, led ceiling light, led bulbs, led par light, led spot lights, led strip light, led grid light, led aero grid light, current driver etc.

The ECOLIGHT lighting factory located in Lithuania is a professional lighting manufacturer since 2010. ECOLIGHT is a social enterprise company and employs people with disabilities. The company employs 34 people – with 3,1 MM Litas turnover in 2011 and 3,8 MM litas in 2012.

The Major focus of the company is the production of energy saving lightings. Factory produces intelligent low and high bay lighting, different type T8 to T5 adapters and other related production. All products made by ECOLIGHT are designed to use in indoor industrial applications from 2 to 25 meters high.

About 70% of all factory production is being exported.

Based on mention proven products, I-Impuls delivers complete optimized solution with guaranteed technical parameters and minimized total cost of ownership (TCO) that grants less than 2 years return on investment (ROI) for any environment. Our engineers combine these products for you in most optimal solution for requested light levels.

Top quality and cost reduction can be achieved with one shot with Light Power Solution.

LeaderLight Company is a part of INCOTEX Group, a multiproduct developer and manufacturer of electronic products.

LeaderLight is one of the leading Companies involved in the engineering and manufacturing of energy saving LED products. It owns more than

30 international patents for its unique designs in the field of LED lighting, including ones that use phosphor produced from its own patented

formula. The Company’s manufacturing facilities provide a complete cycle for the production of LED luminaires and lamps starting from

engineering development and finishing with the complete end products.

A wide range of products manufactured under the trade mark LeaderLight (LL) are used in various areas amongst which are:

– Office, shop floor, and store premises lighting;

– Yard area and industrial estate lighting;

– Railway station and platform lighting;

– Street, road, and motorway lighting;

– Front door, staircase, and flat (apartment) lighting etc.

Several factories are successfully operating following modernization in Moscow, Saratov, Marks and Kaliningrad in Russia, as well as in Botevgrad

in Bulgaria. The Company’s production facilities are equipped with up-to-date high-performance equipment that allows production of the

highest level serial products.

The Company also owns a process that allows the mixing of phosphor and polycarbonate using a unique proprietary technology. World leading

manufacturers’ light-emitting diodes are used for the production of our luminaires such as: Osram (Germany), Nichia (Japan), and Semileds

(USA). The product range is constantly updated which allows the Company to meet the ever growing lighting technology market needs.

The LeaderLight Company’s quality management system, as well as all other units of the INCOTEX Group, is certified for compliance with the

requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001-2008) and the international standard IQNet ISO 9001-2008. All this allows the Company to

successfully market and sell its products not only on the Russian market, but also on the world market.

LeaderLight Company distributes its products through a dealer network and invites specialists in the field of lighting technology and electrical engineering to work with it to achieve mutually beneficial aims.