Product type: FCN-IFS102010722172911421

  1. Panel size: 1024mm x 768mm
  2. Weight: 28KGS
  3. Brightness: 2000 nits
  4. Viewing angle: Horizontal 140°, Vertical 140°
  5. Refresh rate: 4800Hz
  6. Ingress Protection: Front IP43, Rear IP21
  7. Power consumption: Power consumption: Average: 160W/sqm; Max: 500W/sqm
  1. Cabinets are with good ventilation and protection from rain or water damage.
  2. Cabinets are equipped with fast lockers and kingpins to ensure quick installation with no gap, no mismatch and no horizontal offset.
  3. Swiss-made connectors to make sure the stability of power and signal.
  4. 4800Hz refresh rate to ensure an excellent image quality with no scanning lines as well as no image distortion and flickering.
  5. Adjustable brightness complied with the application and its surrounding lighting conditions to save power and maintain excellent image quality.