Product type: FCN-OFV162010722173313234

  1. Panel size: 2304mm x 1536mm
  2. Brightness: 6000 nits
  3. Viewing angle: Horizontal 120°, Vertical 60°
  4. Refresh rate: 1000Hz
  5. Ingress Protection: Front IP65, Rear IP43
  6. Power consumption: Average: 450W/sqm; Max: 1350W/sqm


  1. High brightness, our product can show the information clearly under all weather circumstances.
  2. The cabinet is not only light, but also waterproof, dustproof, High-temperature-proof and Vibration-proof.
  3. Being environmentally friendly and Energy Conservation, our product can adjust brightness, avoid light pollution.
  4. The Play content is diversified, update simply and quickly.
  5. Control mode diversification, including Cable transmission, Wireless transmission, Remote Control and Remote Control centralized management.
  6. Simple installation,easy maintenance, save 90% labor, save money.
  7. Wireless Communication, flexible contents changing
  8. Turn-key solution with customer design