I-Impuls is the exclusive agent for Focono products for Macedonia


Focono Optoelectronics Company Limited is a solution provider in LED screen technology that develops, manufactures, and markets Focono takes quality very seriously, and we’re constantly striving to improve it throughout every aspect of the manufacturing process. From industry-standard weatherproof tests to rapid aging and vibration checks, we test our screens to their limits and beyond, giving us and our customers’ total confidence in every screen that leaves the factory floor.

Indoor testing

Our indoor testing field is fully equipped to comply with various product testing standards, giving us the space and capabilities needed to conduct accurate indoor function tests. From measuring and quantifying horizontal and vertical viewing angles to adjusting contrast and brightness levels – No product leaves this area without conforming to the customer’s requirements.

Outdoor testing

Our technicians are able to set up the screens just as they would be used by our customers to test functionality and visual quality. This area is fully equipped to simulate a full range of conditions that our screens could face in an outdoor environment offering long viewing distances and a wide range of viewing angles.

IP testing

Every outdoor screen we manufacture must meet international weatherproofing standards as determined by the IP (Ingress Protection) test. We blast the screens on all sides with high-pressure water jets to check that no water gets in.

ICT test

After all soldering is completed on the IM display module; our technicians test every Print Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) using a highly accurate procedure to check for PCB problems.

Vibration test

Focono puts its LED modules and fully assembled panels through customized vibration tests to ensure product stability and transport readiness.

Operations test

Every screen is run through a gamut of operational and function tests, starting with light/color quality, screen performance and viewing tests. We also run an in-depth operations test to ensure image quality, and high voltage, grounding and insulation tests to confirm electrical systems are working properly..